While passing through the alley
Going through the piercing of ears
Looking through the corner of my eyes
At the lost ones
Pacing up and down
Hills and mountains
Swimming across acquainted channel
Sipping liguified gulps
I encounter a sandstorm

While washing the rustle of the dust off my feet
I rediscovered myself
In the dust and the storm
In the loss and the gain
In the diamonds and the pain
In the tea and the wine
In the fingers through my hair

The valley swept through me
To claim the dreams
I dreamt and forgot.

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Pritpal Kaur
Pritpal Kaur
A television journalist turned writer I have been writing short stories and poetry for almost twenty five years. Masters in Physics and Education, turned to Television journalism and gradually shifted to full time writing. Taught physics for a year at University of agriculture. Meanwhile worked for All India Radio as announcer. Reported for “Parakh” and later worked with NDTV. Got into professional writing somewhere along the line. Have also produced documentaries for television and radio.