When you drizzle
You transport me
To my dreamland
Where I am me
And you are
The incessant rain
Drizzling unabashedly.

hung in silence

Did you say something?
Something that I heard
Or something I wanted to listen
Or something you never intended
To utter
Your silence pierced me
With words
I feel most uncomfortable with
From the moment dawn breaks
Till the time dusk
Sweeps me to
The chambers
I reluctantly retire to
For the night
That falls carrying all those lonely stars
At my feet
Waiting for another dawn…

Lonely supper

I burn my fingers
Trying to sift
through the pages of calender
Days are collected into months
Months into years
glued together so hard

I try and live one date
The day that carries a long tail
Consisting of yesterdays
jumps into an ocean
Turbulant with waves
Immersed in tomorrows

The table I sit upon
For that solitary supper
Of a lifetime
woven intricately out of moments
Lay in front of me
All four courses neatly arranged
Forks, knives and spoons
At their designated places
Napkins neatly folded

Dumbfounded I sit
With my back slouched
My elbows resting on the edge of this honorary table.

shall I

I miss your footsteps
On my threshold
That dent on your forehead
Your baritone
Your eyes saying
“I should be going now”
I miss your absense
Within my presence


I walk that extra mile
To arrive
To reach out to myself
Deep within that
Effort to strive.

mere words

If there were words
Meant to express
What i feel the need to say
If there were words
That could speak my mind
If there were words
That could cry my heart out
If there were words
Not uttered ever
I could fill my bosom with
Words that spelt
Presence in absence
With each single syllable.