Life’s poem

when a poem can summarise a whole life

in words written from left to right

in emotions spent between duress

in tears born out of desperation

in smiles stolen from the ruthless weather


So many islands
Floating in the sky
Not a single carries a home.

Wilderness casts shadows
Rivers cuts across oceans.

Crows fly as navigated by the strangers
Devoid of affections
That used to be
Trademark of mankind.

End of the day

Is this the night?

Or the culmination of the day?

Into numerous illuminated lonesome moments
Or another cluster of hours
Writing detailed moratorium
Of my effortless inclusions of emotions
Into another jingle
That beats in tandem
With bygone years
And forgone opportunities
Or the turns on the road to worldly wisdom
Inspired by impulses.


Flying high on hired wings
The sky appears hollow
The stomach bottomless
Butterflies bleed to turn white
Space too far
Laughter born out of guilt
Words shallow
Smiles smug
That shrewd sparkle in those eyes
Steals nights and dreams
In broad daylight…


They say each night has a morning
And a morning that belongs to every night
But if i try and join tomorrow’s night
With yesterday’s morning.
Can they yield a story untold?
Or a song unsung?
Or may be a poem…

storm again

While passing through the alley
Going through the piercing of ears
Looking through the corner of my eyes
At the lost ones
Pacing up and down
Hills and mountains
Swimming across acquainted channel
Sipping liguified gulps
I encounter a sandstorm

While washing the rustle of the dust off my feet
I rediscovered myself
In the dust and the storm
In the loss and the gain
In the diamonds and the pain
In the tea and the wine
In the fingers through my hair

The valley swept through me
To claim the dreams
I dreamt and forgot.